Help Your Audience Find Their Way

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During trips, people lose countless, frustrating hours trying to find the location of a place they want to go. One of the most helpful features of a travel guide app is the ability to provide locations and directions to users.

The MustSee guides Creator service gives you control of assigning your content to a particular place. We have over forty million places all over the world in our database. Assign a place to all your highlights and your audience can navigate from their location to yours with the built-in mapping navigation for single place like the Guide to the Morris-Jumel Mansion. If you have a multi-place guide, like the Geneva History Center’s Walking Tour, it provides users with the ability to use the guide dynamically so they can visit places in their own custom sequence.

You can also incorporate floor plans into the experience detail page along with the location identified so visitors can find the specific item you want to focus on.

Now your audience doesn’t have to guess where to during the journey you are taking them. The GPS mapping is built right in so they can get step-by-step navigation, whether by walking, auto or public transport. You will end the torment of people being lost in a strange place and a stress relived customer.

Map of a MustSee travel guide's places

Map from a MustSee travel guide

Floor plan from a MustSee travel guide

Floor plan from a MustSee travel guide


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