Let Us Be Your Spotter

Let Us Be Your Spotter | MustSee guides

When working out at the gym, you may notice ‘spotters’ who help other lifters support a dumbbell or barbell from falling on himself or herself. Research has found that not only are spotters effective for safety reasons but they can provide motivation for their training partner. The research results showed a spotter helps their partner lift more weight and produce a significant increase in power.

Staying motivated and focused on a project is always challenging. A spotter can help produce a sense of confidence with encouragement. A weight-training spotter will usually put their hands under the hands of their partner or under the bar as the lifter is struggling. I personally have experienced the phenomenon where one thinks the spotter is physically helping lift the weight when in fact they are just using their hands as a safety net for me. The pure act of being there, ready and able to handle the weight for me, provided me enough energy to push through the remaining exercise myself.

When you are developing a guide for MustSee, you may need help from a creative point of view, a project management issue, writing a grant, or a technical issue, please let us know about it. We have had similar experiences with all that and more, and can give you feedback, guidance and encouragement to help you successfully develop and complete your guide project. Our customer support team wants to help and be your spotter. We can talk to you by email, phone, online chat or Skype. Get in touch with us at support@getmustsee.com and let us encourage you and help find solutions for your challenges.


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