Sell Your Project Like a Pro – Part I


Sell Your Project Like a Pro - Part I | MustSee

Do you have a great idea for a project at work? Are you wondering how to get it approved? It takes planning, and here are some pointers for gearing up to sell your idea!

Develop a Business Case and Project Plan

Start by clarifying how your project will help your organization achieve its mission. Make sure you clarify the steps necessary to implement it. Define the measurements for assessing your project’s success. You can turn those measurements into increased revenue or decreased cost that will influence your enterprise’s financial health.

Locate the organization’s pain-points and figure out how the project will help resolve those problems. Tie your project into the organization’s strategic vision and identify real world improvements in the measurements your organization uses.

If there are no available measurements, you will need to come up with some that highlight how your project will measure success. For example, you may envision the goal of increasing visitor traffic by rewarding repeat visits. Your organization may measure the number of visitors, but not how many are repeat visitors. It would be helpful to measure the repeat visitors as part of the plan and the expected results of your project.

You can start building collaboration into your project from the start by involving project stakeholders in its planning. Incorporate some quick and easy wins that will get people excited and stay excited throughout the project. Outside vendors and consultants will always be helpful in creating your plan. Be sure to discuss their ideas and inputs. You can see how they might be applicable to your project and selling it to your colleagues.

When detailing the necessary steps to execute your project, make sure to put in significant, measurable milestones. The scope of your project should be clear. Besides saying what is in scope, it is always good to define what is out of scope.

Part II: Next Wednesday, June 10


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