Smart Way to Market Your Event or Festival

Smart Way to Market Your Event or Festival

When the Steubenville Hometown Celebration were planning their upcoming event, they were looking for a way to provide their audience a digital program for the thirty-one events at 12 different places. They chose MustSee to distribute their event’s program that benefits their attendees and organization:

  • A quick, easy way for app users to see all of the events at a glance.
  • The audience gets mapping of exact location and directions.
  • A branded digital guide helps generate interest among a younger, tech-savvy audience.
  • The organization can reduce their program printing costs promoting the digital version.
  • Last minute changes to the program can be updated in real time.

Whether it is the Dean Martin Festival, the Greek Food Fest or a Reenactment at Fort Steuben, the Steubenville Hometown Celebration provides an easy-to-use app with their MustSee guide that provides all the essential information to help their audiences plan and enjoy their day.

You can check out the Steubenville Hometown Celebration guide with the MustSee app or sign up to create your own guide at


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