Benefits of Creating a Self-Guided Tour with MustSee

Benefits of Creating Self-Guided Tours with MustSee

MustSee Guides will help you attract attention to your company and generate new sources of revenue. MustSee provides a free mobile and web technology platform for you to create and sell your own travel and cultural self-guided tours.

When you become a MustSee Guides Creator, you enjoy the benefits of our services:

You own the content.

Your content is yours; we just license it from you and sell it as a guide only in the MustSee app.

The Web-based Creator Toolkit is free.

You don’t need to have a smartphone to create guides, just Internet access from your computer. Upload your content, set your price and start selling.

The revenue model aligns mutual interests.

We make money only if you do. A revenue share synchronizes partnership in creating and selling guides. We help you promote your guides through our own channels.

Free, location-based, interactive app for your audience.

The MustSee Guides app is free to download and users can use the built-in maps, navigation, sharing and comment features to interact with you and your content.

A community of content creators.

There is strength in numbers to help your audience understand great travel options with your local insights. You can also share ideas in our Community Support area.

MustSee Guides provides the technology platform. That leaves you free to publish your own unique travel and cultural guides. All you need to do is upload your content – no technical skills needed. We want to make you successful and promote creators to be the next generation travel spokespeople around the world.

Give it a try! Register at and create your first guide today.

John Soppe is Founder & CEO of Areté Media, creator of the MustSee travel guide sharing platform with authentic insights by local experts. You can follow MustSee Guides on Twitter and Facebook.


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