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Richard Diebenkorn

I remember the first time I understood an Abstract Expressionist painting. A good friend talked to me about what to look for in the painting and it made a new visual world come to life. It was truly magical. I ended up spending the next two hours looking at only half of the exhibition with the new insights.

We have all had those magical moments, which I have called “an experience.” It may have been from a knowledgeable friend’s way of illuminating a painting for you or a tour guide who exposes a city and brings it to life. Or it could be a random event like getting pulled into a salsa dance in the middle of a town square. When traveling for culture, it is those experiences that make people want to continue to find the local, authentic and immersive.

We are starting our MustSee blog to help you find ways of creating great experiences for your audience in mobile guides. Whether it is storytelling, production skills, audience development or marketing, the MustSee blog will help you create experiences that will generate memories, both educational and entertaining.

I hope you will find it helpful as we discuss the philosophical to the pragmatic. It is a conversation — so we want and need your input about the subject matter and what topics you want to talk about.

This is a new year and we want to make it one of discovery and inspiration.

Please let me know what you would like to see addressed in this community and we will work to provide you the best content possible. You can subscribe to the blog through RSS or by entering your email address on this page.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Happy 2015!

John Soppe & the MustSee Team


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