What is an Experience?

What is an experienceWhen people talk about experiences, they may refer to an explicit memory when an event in their life that had a significant impact on them.

We have all had those transformative experiences when we responded with a change of direction in either behavior or thought. This blog will is about helping people have an experience that might transform their lives.

Steve Baty at the former Johnny Holland blog explains how to develop an experience strategy from a user interface design vantage point:

“We can’t do everything; We don’t need to do everything in order to reach our intended goal; There are some activities that will actually take us further from our goal. A core component of an experience strategy is also an articulation of the what. That is, the collection of activities described above. The choice of activities is also a way of putting into action a specific design solution – the how.”

Psychological research has shown that people develop experiences through their senses. Dr. Ned Block of NYU defines these sense recollections as “qualia”:

“Qualia are experiential properties of sensations, feelings, perceptions and, more controversially, thoughts and desires as well”

Many business people want to discuss experience in terms providing the customer with great service:

“Meaningful, memorable, fun, unusual and unexpected experiences influence the way customers perceive you in general and feel about you in particular. “

While not all experiences are created naturally, I do want to show how you can bring together elements that will leave your audience with a memorable experience, even if it’s not transformative.


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